Give Wood a Second Chance


Rob Kincaid
Owner, Rob Kincaid
Second Chance Woodcrafts rescues old wood and repurposes it for new projects giving the wood a new life.

Reclaimed wood can come from many sources including pallets, shipping containers, old barns and more. Crafting our cabinet coolers, signs, furniture and other projects from reclaimed wood brings its own unique challenges and triumphs.

Once reworked, wood that was destined for disposal once again shines with like new finishes while displaying some of its prior function.

Cabinet Coolers

carolina alabama cooler 2 carolina alabama cooler cowboys 2 cowboys gamecock country 2 gamecock country 20160829_104247 20160831_194450 10405571_1696270937286957_7792687540195813991_n 11218710_1649583368622381_4539009337585855137_n 11817014_1653646381549413_2374207322577387201_n 11905752_1658878737692844_6363034464662767549_n 11986551_1662430284004356_2475489472164244757_n 11990692_1663354810578570_706157694919747372_n 12002181_1665260860387965_4155697830111316877_n 12631500_1708818859365498_3821510339935177457_n 13267782_1752193478361369_7510677089021994032_n 13321974_1759717714275612_8396375891927114409_n 1661913_1696301280617256_8078800885566069243_n bama-metal-legs Dawg fans drain Miami/Philadelphia Cooler Personalized College Team Cooler Margaritaville Florida Gator Cabinet Cooler Personalized Cabinet Cooler

Custom Signs

3sign Steelers Fan 5sign 6sign 7sign 9sign 10sign 11sign 13sign 14sign 15sign 16sign 17sign beer sign 2 beer sign carolina sign 1 20161012_083926 20161011_191713 20161011_191555 20160812_075641 20160817_070208 20160818_082531 20160821_202650 20160826_092208 20160826_131650 20160827_191808 20160827_191822 20160827_193400 20160829_201324 20160829_203210 20160913_191734 20160913_200329 20160919_093430 13237771_1752193365028047_8644105803816127463_n 11760132_1647091922204859_6667595977747434781_n 13445576_1763924413854942_8842626396006612777_n College Team Signs Go Cocks! Sport Team Signs Personalized Name Sign 13516484_1769310926649624_981793450446400892_n 13445636_1765901530323897_5928702755155847923_n Man Cave Sign Carolina Horseshoe Carolina Horseshoe Clemson Horseshoe Clemson Horseshoe horse love horse sign horse sign polo sign horseshoe blessed horseshoe barn aiken saddlery sign Happy Birthday Sign anniversary sign LBL Polo Sign loch logan sign shaws creek farm sign bear cabin sign

Other Projects & Trade Shows

bookcase bookcase 1show 2show 1other 2other 3other sassafras-festival 11145142_1649584255288959_6616562719452834044_n 11811454_1649584315288953_7310743033525448328_n Customized dog house with fan, lamp, carpet, and shingles. House is 4' x 4' x 5'. 11813283_1649585675288817_3110680030788467174_n 12417718_1702536073327110_7702605601501634404_n 20160115_183631 Organizer Bench 12743951_1716267781953939_3513454740117615190_n Organizer 12961713_1736722789908438_8141584251968565412_n 13336066_1759717597608957_1906189279022873329_n 20160603_180217 Table 20160410_115955 20160419_192036 Baseball Display Tool Box

Shipping Crates & Pallets

Shipping Crates Shipping Crates Pallets